Air Jordan 1 Retro

Air Jordan 1 Retro

Air Jordan (AJ) is a popular name in the world that is the famous American brand, produced for Michael Jordan and invented by Peter C.Moore.It was produced for the first time in 1984. For a long duration of time, the Air Jordan 1 Retro has become the most authentic brand of shoes which are making the various types of designed shoes such as basketball shoes, athletic and casual shoes. air jordan 1 retro

Product 01: Jordan 1 Retro High University Blue:

These are sophisticated designed shoes with a lucrative color combination. Supper technology suggested comfortable shoes for all kinds of men and women. Its dark powder color is the perfect selection for the client that the Jordan 1 retro has become the number one choice for its customers. These are the classical jump kits for all kinds of users. Jordan 1 retro is the unique color combination product that demand is increasing gradually. The client will be taken the right decision to select the expected product. The notable feature of the Jordan 1 Retro High off -white University Blue are focused on pros.


● The color of the Jordan will be blue

● The price of the product is $ 139

● Its rubber sole is very soft and comfortable

Product 02: Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott:

Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott is the best upper lather protected style shoes which are the very renowned sports jump Keats. The Jordan 1 retro company is trying to upgrade the design and color combination. At present, the Travis Scott brand is most popular among the young generation. Especially the comfortable sole of the Keats is likely priority among the other shoes in the markets. In the sports and athletic arena, these quality shoes have been captured their position.


● The shoes are consists of 100% leather

● The sole of the shoes is pure rubber

● The price is $145 that is affordable to its users

Product 03: Air Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye CD 0461–100

Now we wanted to discuss the latest technology based unique designed product. It is the best shoes that are available collection in the market. No doubt you can collect the pair of Air Jordan 1 retro high tie-dye cd 0461–100. The main reason for the choice of the client is the affordable price with a lucrative design. This is absolutely perfect for the sportsman. The American and the Europian Athletes have always preferred the Jordan 1 retro for practicing and playing.


● 100% lather product

● The price is affordable($145)

● Sustainable high-quality rubber sole

Product 04: Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple White

World famous manufacturer company Air Jordan has invested a big to produce the quality product for the great interest of the clients. In the competitive market to uphold their position they have to introduce new designs and quality products for the users. These court purple shoes are the best soft lather product that is popular the sportsmen and women. For a long duration of time, you can easily wear these shoes for their high-quality leather surface and rubber sole.


● Its outer surface is completely covered with the quality lather

● The price of the pair is $139 that is easily affordable.

● The sole of the jump is consist of 100% rubber

Product 05:Jordan 1 Retro Royal 2017:

One of the best products is produced by the Large manufacturer company Air Jordan that is Jordan 1 retro Royal 2017. Retro Royal color and design are very nice and a soft sole is badly needed for the Athelacs who are easily practicing for a long duration of time. The rubber outsole of the shoes is simply designed for sports. The tongue label of the color lather is black and blue which shows the royal of the shoes.


● Available sizes and design in the market

● Latest design decorated with upper lather

● The affordable price is $145

Product 06: Jordan 1 Retro Turbo Green

Now we are providing the upgraded product Jordan 1 retro turbo green which has already shown its quality to its clients. After the invention of the basketball player’s shoes, the company is always trying to provide a quality product. These turbo green lather shoes are the top class shoes and their rubber sole is long-lasting. Turbo green jump Keats is the best sole for the young generation. Most of the developed countries use these pairs. The specialty of the sole is long-lasting and comfortable. It is used in anywhere the world. These shoes mostly used in the winter-based country.


● Soft 100% pure rubber sole

● The affordable price is $139

● Sustainable long-lasting lather surface

Product 07:Jordan 1 Retro Chicago

The exclusive collection of the Air Jordan company is 1 retro Chicago for women and men. The huge demand for these sneakers is increasing day by day for sportsmen. A large investment in this sector is the right decision for the company because it is a rising sector.

The basketball shoes and road running shoes are a special one of the Jordan 1 Retro Chicago world-class brands. This classic product will be the best item of Air Jordan within a few years. This compact sole with quality rubber and surface cover is completely embroiled lather. Its dark color is the golden sharpness just for women. We are strongly showing a strong statement on this product.


● The rubber sole thickness is perfectly set up on the frame.

● The price of this product is $145

● The color of the lather is

Finally, we wanted to suggest our venerate clients to select the perfect product you must have to compare the above product to the remaining product in the market. Air Jordan 1 Retro is the best product in the market, you can easily trust it. The shoes’ name and fame are spreading rapidly all over the world. The long duration of the company has held its stance in this market. It is the best achievement for this reputed company that is possible only its users.