Frequantly Asked Questions

if any other question, just feel free to chat with us via Whatsapp or Email

Shipping Method

We provide DHL ecommerece/Fedex/UPS/USPS/EMS/Royal mail and son on, if some countries require too expensive shipping fee we will notify you in advance.

Shipping Price

The product prce are shipping exlude, we charge USD9.9/pair. Some Europe countries charges USD19.9/pair for VAT issue.

Delivery Time

The QC usually takes 2-5 business days. The estimated shipping usually takes 10-15 business days from the date of shipping(Not include QC time)

Change Address.

We cannot change your address after your order aleady being shipped.

  • We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Zelle and Cryptocurrency.
  • We will mail you a link of quality pictures the exact shoes you ordered before shipment in 2-5 business days. You can check the quality by yourself and decide to ship or change.
  • Some batches QC may takes 1 to 2 weeks including LJR batch, Air Yeezy 2 and size 14 shoes.
  • We will ship your order out directly if you didn’t reply us within 48 hours for a more efficient delivery.

We are always trying to declare the value of the packages under the country’s tax-threshold when it possible, but sometimes declaring a too low value is more likely to be seized. 

The price list on our website is custom fee excluded. If there is a custom fee in your country, you need contact your custom and pay by yourself. If you does not receive the parcel due to failure to pay customs fees in time, you may will have to bear the loss himself.

  • We provide Customs Insurance (3%) service which you can add on during checkout.
  • All orders with Customs Insurance will get a resend or refund if the parcel was lost by DHL or seized by custom.
  • An order doesn’t include Customs Insurance, we are not responsible for the loss if the package was seized by customs
  • We recommend every order add on Customs Insurance to avoid the risks.
  • If you get a message from us that the delivery company lost your parcel, no worry, we will offer you a refund or resend it immediately.
  • If your parcel was seized by customs, we will offer to resend or refund you if you purchased the custom insurance. If you didn’t we cannot offer a refund or resend.
  • If your parcel tracking info. shows your package was delivered but you don’t get your parcel. Please ask your local shipping company for a complaint code. Then send the complaint code to us and we will make an investigation with the shipping company. We will decide to approve or refuse the refund according to the result of the investigation.
  • If your are not sure what size you should choose please conact us for guiding or leave a meassage on order note during checkout.
  • We won’t refund or resend if you choose a wrong size and shipment.