We’re proud to provide a double quality control (QC) service, ensuring you receive top-quality products.

Strict QC Service

Our seasoned QC team, with members experienced in sneaker manufacturing, thoroughly examines each pair. After their rigorous inspection, we’ll email you a QC gallery, allowing you to review the product personally and decide whether to accept or deny it.

QC Process

quality contral process of hypeboosts replica shoes order

Accept / deny QC

View QC in Email Box

Please review the QC email in your inbox. Occasionally, it might land in your spam folder. Open the email to access the QC link. Once you’ve done that, click on the link below to either accept or deny.

Qaulity contral email link
Qaulity contral email link

After clicking the second link in the email, you’ll be directed to a page where you can accept or deny the QC. To better serve you, if you choose to deny the QC, please provide a reason.

confirm QC
confirm QC

If you accept the QC, we’ll ship your shoes and send tracking information to both your email and your account on our website.

If you decline the QC, we’ll source another pair for you from a different factory or batch. If you decide to cancel your order and don’t require a new QC, please reach out to our customer service with your order number.

Notice: For quicker shipping, if you don’t confirm the QC within 48 hours of getting the email, we’ll auto-accept it and ship the product.